CEO’s Message


‘We strive to generate superior returns while fostering a culture built on the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings’

On behalf of the group, please accept my warmest greetings.

Ittihad aspires to be an ideal business partner and a leading multi-disciplinary investment conglomerate in the region. We strive to systematically identify and capitalize upon innovative and profitable ventures. In view of the magnitude and continuum of the group’s activities, we are well positioned to leverage the benefits of a striving economy.

Today’s best is a benchmark that we must surpass tomorrow. We perceive Ittihad subsidiaries as constantly adapting to the rapidly changing market and technologies. Ittihad’s philosophy remains focused on enhancing the company’s brand equity by employing the latest technologies, innovative strategies and, above all, by displaying commitment towards our communities.

Ittihad will continue providing operational excellence, exemplary leadership and a rewarding and stimulating environment for our employees. With a progressive approach towards infinite growth opportunities, Ittihad is determined to secure its distinguished leadership position and in doing so, lead by example.

Excellence is not the final destination, it is an endless journey.