Emirates Link Technology

Emirates Link Technology (ELT) is one of the pioneering oilfield service companies in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Link Nitco

Emirates Link Nitco (ELN) is the largest operator of wastewater treatment plants and networks in the UAE.

Malegori Landscape

Malegori Landscape (MAL) specializes in the construction, operation, maintenance and management of storm water pumping stations. The company also operates across a full range of services in the landscape/irrigation domain including irrigation pumping stations, irrigation piping, solenoid valves and sprinklers, trees, grass and artificial lakes, irrigation reservoirs and controllers, soft and hard landscaping and many more.

Advanced Pipeline Services

Advanced Pipeline Services (APS) brings innovation, new technology and expertise in the field of pipeline rehabilitation – using trenchless technology for sewerage, water, irrigation, storm networks and oil and gas.