Unison Capital Investment (UCI) is an innovative investor-operator in the regional healthcare space and is the largest operator of radiology services in the UAE. Unison takes pride in partnering with the UAE’s Ministry of Health (MOH) and is the first company in the region to introduce a public-private partnership model along with MOH.

Under the partnership with MOH, Unison has been investing in and operating all the Radiology Departments in MOH hospitals, partnering with 13 public hospitals and more than 40 clinics across the UAE on a public-private partnership model.

Since its inception in 2016, the company has been working towards building an effective healthcare development system in the UAE by identifying healthcare needs, funding projects/intermediaries, partnering with public and private stakeholders, and supplying and maintaining various state-of-the-art machinery and IT infrastructure.

At present, Unison employs 300 direct employees that include specialists, doctors, radiographers, consultants, nurses, patients, receptionist, IT professionals, system support staff, patient care representatives, projects analysts, quality controllers and risk management specialists.