We focus our philanthropic outreach and employee engagement strategy on local needs and issues. This gives us and our employees the

flexibility to focus our expertise and volunteerism on issues that are vital to our region and the world.

Our employee volunteer program is planned and managed by us to motivate and enable our staff to effectively serve community needs.

Going beyond financial support, our employees share their time and skills to build better communities worldwide through mentorship, community service projects and board service to nonprofit organizations. Our employees are encouraged to pursue special volunteering opportunities by offering them flexible working hours and time-offs as and when required.




We are committed to advancing education while helping improve health and wellness globally.



Our focus is on a school and an education system that opens up equal opportunities for students in low-income communities, allowing them to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in life. We envision partnering with experts to build schools and train teachers, while providing the learning material and technology.


We work with partners to provide vital medical care by building hospitals and equipping them with vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics.


Emergency Response
We ensure that our partners are equipped to respond to, and recover from, emergency situations through our Emergency Response grants. We also help communities to recoup from such setbacks with the help of innovative tools and methodologies.




We are committed to contribute many hours every year to make the cities where we work and live a better place.



We Care
Ittihad’s initiative to contributing to eco conservation is embodied in ‘We Care’, a program that includes ground-level work such as planting trees, cleaning up beaches, protecting endangered animals, as well as educational programs on protecting the environment.


We Help
‘We Help’ is a program that is community-oriented, an initiative that seeks to integrate and organize well-meaning individuals to help the community they are a part of by organizing local events such as blood donation drives and delivering free meals, among others.