Reducing our environmental footprint by improving operations, innovating in the supply chain and mobilizing our staff and the industry.

Our environmental objective is to protect natural resources by focusing on materials, waste, and reduce our climate impact by focusing on our energy consumption. We aim to achieve our objectives through measuring and mitigating our impact, stakeholder dialogue and collaboration, and developing and implementing a coherent processes and standards.

Energy & Climate



We are committed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption to achieve the lowest carbon forms of energy at our plants, offices and across the value chain.



Energy Efficiency in Operations
We closely monitor and implement energy saving strategies to progressively increase our efficiency in operations.


Energy Efficiency in Real Estate
Through smart technologies, we play a significant role in delivering energy efficiency performance, covering 100,000 square meters of office and building space.


Renewable Energy
We always aim to introduce renewable energy technologies as a crucial part in our production lines or a sustainable element in our development projects.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions
We reduce GHG emissions through energy efficient manufacturing lines and effective production planning.


Logistics & Smart Packaging
We develop programs and combine projects to minimize our logistics impacts, resulting in cost savings, improved quality and reduced emissions.

Resource Efficiency



We are committed to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce our consumption of natural resources, and combat waste and hazardous substances.



We minimize our dependencies on natural resources and contribute back by planting forests, cleaning beaches and encouraging the use of environmentally friendly products.


Water Conservation
Our operations are not depended on the consumption of significant amounts of water. Nevertheless, we remain committed to reducing our impact on water resources.


Waste Minimization
We implement a wide range of waste reduction initiatives while investing in the waste management sector, bringing environmental benefits and cost savings to all businesses.


Chemicals Management
We have implement robust controls on sourcing, transport, storage, use, production and management of chemicals.


Paper Sourcing and Usage
We prioritize the use of certified paper with the lowest carbon profile that is derived from responsible forest management, manufacturing and transportation.