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West Coast’s alliance with Saubermacher

By July 17, 2012Press releases

Striving to accommodate the highest international standards in waste collection services, ‘West Coast Cleaning & Environmental Services Company LLC’, a leading provider of domestic solid waste services, formed a strategic alliance with ‘Saubermacher AG’, one of Europe’s biggest private waste disposal enterprises.

West Coast UAE, is a provider of non-hazardous solid waste collection services for several commercial, municipal, industrial and residential customers in more than 500 locations throughout the UAE.

Saubermacher employs approximately 2700 employees in Austria and abroad, with a turnover of approximately €300 million. With more than 35 operating joint ventures in Central Europe, Saubermacher is responsible for about 1600 municipalities and over 40,000 customers from different industries in Austria and abroad.

Through this partnership, West Coast and Saubermacher will implement an array of innovative waste collection techniques and solutions such as:

Solid Waste Volume Reduction Solution
Air Burners, Wood Chipper/Shredder
Adoption of Green Supply Chain Principles
Logistics Optimization System (LOTUS) and
Internal Waste Transfer Station (IWTS).

This alliance will perfectly combine the expertise and know-how of a long lasting local experience and the continuing partnership with international best-in-class waste collection providers.