We are proud of our commitment to Corporate Governance and the way we have embedded our core values into all of our operations. Through our companies, people, values, programs, and policies we have made it a priority to ensure that we have an ethical culture that embraces a sense of personal responsibility for doing the right thing in the right way.

While each employee is accountable for upholding the Ittihad’s Code of Conduct, we have created a corporate governance that enables compliant performance across all operations, while also building on our legacy of integrity, transparency and an unwavering commitment to fair and ethical business practices.

At Ittihad, preserving integrity defines our corporate culture in every corner, guiding how we work and how we conduct business. Embracing solid standards of corporate governance are vital to earning and retaining trust, which is why we take corporate governance so seriously.

We are pleased to provide the opportunity to take a closer look at our standards in an effort to develop best practices, and earn your trust every day.


Our own autonomous governance committees are responsible for setting the group’s enterprise risk management framework while managing the talent across the Group . Through our Executive Committee we measure the success of our business objectives and are accountable for delivering sustainable improved performance. The Group has a Risk and Compliance Committee as well as a Human Resources Committee.

Every business is held accountable for reviewing and improving business performance, and the Committees are no exception. Self and independent evaluations assess the Committees’ processes and effectiveness, skill sets, and the relationships between the Committee Members and management.


Risk and Compliance

Human Resources

Sound governance has become a brand feature at Ittihad, which enables us to attract highly experienced Committee Members, as well as the best and brightest regional and international management talent.


Compliance is at the heart of everything Ittihad does today, complying with laws and regulations and our own robust internal policies and procedures is vital to our ongoing success. To maintain effectiveness, Ittihad uses ongoing monitoring tools and resources to track and assess effectiveness of internal controls and processes in order to meet compliance objectives. From the company’s most senior leadership to its newest workers, our employees are committed to keeping compliance a core element in everything we do.

Our senior leadership across all our businesses are responsible to identify, analyze, raise and address key risk and compliance matters through our Risk and Compliance Committee. This oversight committee allows the Group to identify risk areas and ensure consistent controls to remain compliant. Furthermore, the committee enables cross- enterprise discussions to support proactive management to mitigate upcoming risks.

Managers are also responsible for compliance within the areas they oversee along with all the Group employees, who are required to affirm their agreement to comply with Ittihad’s Code of Conduct on an annual basis. Through completing a mandatory training all employees reinforce the principles of the Code and further builds understanding of the Group’s expectations. In addition, each year all employees complete an online Code compliance training questionnaire as a part of their annual performance evaluation process.

Through the Code of Conduct and the vigilance of all of our employees, we continue to work hard to maintain a culture that values integrity in all areas of our operations.


By setting high standards for ourselves, our commitment to upholding Ittihad’s values is clear: There is never a situation when compromising our standards is either expected or acceptable. To support our culture of integrity, Ittihad has developed a robust ethics program that includes our Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct defines the values and standards by which Ittihad and it’s subsidiaries conducts business. It is designed to provide employees and our business partners with a clear understanding of the standards of conduct that pertain to our respective roles in the firm; the Code of Conduct is intended to be a road map to help guide our actions and behaviors at Ittihad.

Our following Code outlines the resources available to help each of us fulfill our personal responsibility to both understand and comply with the firm’s standards.

Code of Conduct (PDF)


Speaking up is a cornerstone for creating a transparent and accountable workplace culture. At Ittihad, building an environment where employees are comfortable raising their concerns without fear of retaliation enables openness which can lead to improved business performance. All employees should feel comfortable approaching their managers, human resource, corporate officer or any other Company resource at any time.

Our Open Door Policy provides an atmosphere that encourages you to voice your concerns, express doubts, discuss problems, ask questions, make observations and offer suggestions about workplace issues. Empowered by our “Voice your Concern” platform we encourage employees to report concerns and seek guidance, using confidential and, when preferred, anonymous methods, including phone numbers and web-based portals. In addition, our Open Door Policy has a zero tolerance for retaliation against anyone who reports in good faith. Retaliation or Allegations made maliciously in bad faith is a cause for appropriate corrective action, up to and including dismissal.

Ittihad promotes awareness of the “Voice your Concern” reporting system and non-retaliation open door policies in recurrent employee communication, code of conduct and posters that are displayed in high-traffic work areas across the Group.


Our Ethics and Compliance Program supports and guides our people as they do their jobs – through a meaningful governance framework, tools and resources, training and communication, and robust monitoring for compliance.

The Program promotes a culture that encourages everyone to raise their hands when they have concerns, and guards against retaliation of any kind.


Our Open Door Policy guides our employees to report any issues, concerns or activities that he/she believes in good faith are unethical, questionable or could lead to; a violation of Ittihad’s Code of Conduct; Policies and/or Laws and Regulations.

The policy discloses the procedures for reporting of suspected violations or concerns, and how we receive the receive, investigate, and treat these reports.


Part of building a culture of trust is learning to speak up when something is not right.

When you report a concern, you can expect that your report will be treated seriously, fairly, and promptly. In addition, reporting through our “Voice your Concern” reporting options this platform will ensure that your report will be treated as confidential and anonymous should you choose.

Voice Your Concern