Responsible Supply Chain

Ethical sourcing of our products is an important focus of our overall corporate citizenship efforts. We promote ethical production of products by working to improve labor conditions in production facilities, testing the safety and integrity of products, and exploring ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our supply chain.

Our suppliers

We rely on a dedicated, competitive, world-class supplier base to collaborate with our sourcing professionals and work within our infrastructure to bring a high quality product and service to our customers around the world.

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Supplier diversity

We believe that including diverse suppliers in our sourcing process provides us the greatest opportunity to develop the most innovative, highest quality, and most cost-effective business solutions. Through direct experience, we know this strengthens our group on the inside and supports communities on the outside. We strive to ensure that our business leaders have a broad understanding of the business case for working with diverse suppliers and the competitive advantage that a robust Supplier Diversity process provides the company.

Supplier sustainability

Ittihad is dedicated to identifying and engaging suppliers that share our commitment to quality, service, cost and sustainability. Supplier Sustainability serves to partner with and support not only our knowledgeable and talented Sourcing & Procurement team, but all other areas of the Company, in working to identify, develop and implement sustainability-oriented business practices, evaluating and expanding our supply bases and delivering products and services whose life cycles have been taken into consideration.

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Responsible Sourcing

The Company’s Strategic Sourcing and Procurement organization works with all our business segments and their suppliers around the world to establish the best value Ittihad International Investment. Strategic Sourcing provides opportunities for suppliers to work with the Company to provide goods and services. This approach is designed to create a mutually beneficial relationship between suppliers and Ittihad International Investment. Our Group sourcing professionals seek out and contract with companies of all sizes and capabilities, from local and regional suppliers to those with a global reach, to find suppliers for a specific Company division or the entire enterprise.

Policies and Approaches

The following list represents all current policies and approaches on topics of relevance to our company and of interest to our stakeholders.