Deploying our capital and resources effectively helps ensure that our clients and partners remain abreast of any developments to successfully achieve their strategic goals.

Supporting companies to grow stronger, we have structured our Group to five sector-based investment pillars under our investment operating company “Alternative Investments”; enabling the application of our corporate strategy and vision to our daily operations.

Industrial Capital Group

The Industrial Capital Group (ICG) is our manufacturing arm overseeing our industrial units in Abu Dhabi. From Metal, Paper to Basics; ICG’s primary objective is to maximize value, enhance value chains and contribute positively to the environment.

Venture-In Investments

Our Venture-In Investments (VIN) is our investment vehicle that encompasses our companies that caters to the construction, real estate and infrastructure sector. Along with overseeing our construction companies, Venture-In incorporates and caters for small businesses and new VC-type investments.

West Coast Group

The West Coast Group (WCG) is our platform for the waste and facility management services. Partnering with local authorities and global players, West Coast strives to accommodate the highest international standards and the best environmentally friendly practices in the industry.

Emirates Link Group

The Emirates Link Group (ELG) is a leader in the energy and utilities sector; focusing on public service concessions and oil and gas related services. Established in 1994, Emirates Link Group specializes in the construction, operation and maintenance of utilities infrastructure networks and facilities.

Med-In Investments

Our Med-In Investments (MED) incorporates our capital investment within the healthcare sector. Partnering with leading medical imaging and surgical equipment providers; our medical and healthcare companies help improve outcomes more efficiently for patients, healthcare providers and public health authorities.